imagine if the guys in Night of the Living Dead had this

As her brother was decanting the embers of the previous night’s fire from the birch bark container he carried and sustained them in, Ess’yr would find a flat stone. She set it at the new fire’s side and placed a few scraps of food on it. In an almost inaudible voice, she murmured a few words. After she was done, Varryn would bow his head over the food and whisper the same incantation. In the morning they left the food behind them as they made their way onwards. Orisian hesitated to ask Ess’yr what the act signified. His curiosity must have been poorly concealed, for on the third evening Ess’yr sat beside him at the fire. ‘The food is for restless dead. Those who walk… If one of the restless comes in the night, they will take the food. Leave us.’
Brian Ruckley – Godless World: Winterbirth

Sounds like a new ritual! I’d have it create a zone: unintelligent or low-intelligence undead cannot enter the zone.
Religion check:
1-9: Zone lasts one round
10-19: Zone lasts 5 minutes
20-29: Zone lasts one day
30-39: Zone lasts a year and a day
40+: Zone is permanent

In a game world where undead are common in the wild, this is the type of ritual that would be well-known among the common people, even among non-spell-casters. In the same way, in a witch-heavy world, common people might know the ritual to ward off the evil eye.

I think you should be able to cast a ritual once per day for free, but money can be spent to improve the ritual’s skill check. Thus, a reasonably skilled cleric can protect a camp overnight, or can spend gold and holy relics to permanently protect a shrine.


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