do you want to play some Mazes and Monsters? what about Dwimmermount?

I’ve been remiss in finishing my retro-clone of the bizarre RPG from the movie Mazes and Monsters: maybe if my planned Random Dungeon Kickstarter works out I will try to print M&M as a game book. If you’re not yet familiar with the rules, check them out: they’re insane.

I mention this because, next week, I will be running a game of Mazes and Monsters in a museum, and, if you can make it to Brooklyn, you’re invited.

Come to Brian Droitcour’s Big Reality show on March 15, at the 319 Scholes gallery in Brooklyn. One of the pieces will be “Lawful Evil”, where I will run a game for a party of evil players. The game system will be a Mazes and Monsters/OD&D hybrid, and the adventure will be a preview of Dwimmermount, James Maliszewski’s megadungeon.

If you want to play, though, be warned: Mazes and Monsters is the game that drove Tom Hanks INSANE!

6 Responses to “do you want to play some Mazes and Monsters? what about Dwimmermount?”

  1. James says:

    why can cool stuff ever happen a little bit closer, like Dallas, New Orleans , Atlanta? video of the game posted would be Awsome

  2. ranthoron says:

    I second the wish for a video.

  3. Tavis says:

    James, because then we would not have to pay the dues in the form of brutal rent that make us cool. Man up and live in a shoebox in Queens for what you’d pay for a McMansion down there, all the cool kids are doing it.

    I bet we might be able to do video more easily on 3/17; 3/15 is opening night so will be crowded. Let’s at least try to bring Flip cameras or whatever.

  4. sniderman says:

    Please get M&M out as a POD as soon as possible! Been following its development and would love to put it to a test drive.

  5. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

    Oh, boy, do I want in!

  6. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

    Also, someplace in Ram’s Horn Dungeon is a place where to escape, you will need….

    …an ADZE!

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