Dungeon poster kickstarter at 250%! More swag for everyone!

Wow, we’ve hit two bonus goals in two days! That means

STICKERS! $22+ backers are getting 1e dungeon-inspired stickers by various artists!

Some really great artists have agreed to do stickers; with the quality of the art we’ll see, this really should be a D&D stickers kickstarter with a poster thrown in as a bonus reward.

PAUL’S DM NOTEBOOK: $22+ backers are getting a print copy of Paul’s DM notebook, which will contain settings, adventures, and art. Everyone who donates at least $5 will get a PDF copy as well. (I had announced that I was giving the PDF to $22+ backers only, but I think the $5 and $17 tiers deserve some swag too.)

The DM notebook will start with sections about the city of Setine and about the ratling race. Every time we get another $1000, I’ll add a new section. Here’s a tentative schedule for new notebook sections, arranged from low-level to high-level:

$6k: Running a Picaresque Game
$7k: Wilderness Adventures
$8k: D&D In Fairyland
$9k: Notebook Of the Planes
$10k: How to Run a Barony

This will give me time to think of a really cool bonus reward for ten thousand dollars!

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  1. ranthoron says:

    Regarding $8k:
    I’m just reading “The Morphology of the Folk Tale” – In my Opinion that should be linked to…

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