Dungeon Poster hits $10k! Prizes for everyone! Board game! New stickers! DM Notebook!

We did what I never believed possible: we got up to 500% of my initial Kickstarter goal! This deserves some sort of celebration, in which prizes are given willy nilly to all of my amazing Kickstarter backers.

Board game: Dungeon Robber! Everyone will get the rules for Dungeon Robber, a D&D solo game which will let you, as a 0-level human, run through a random dungeon, trying to collect loot and avoid monsters. The dungeon poster will be the board, and the only other thing you’ll need is one or two minis or counters.

New stickers! On the subject of minis and counters, I got a sticker design from Lennard at Rusty Axe Games. Rusty Axe has a kickstarter for dungeon tiles and for monster and hero tokens, which would look great chasing each other across a game of Dungeon Robber. Check it out.

Also, New York Times illustrator Joanna and ArtForum’s Dawn made these warrior and enchantress stickers:

Finally, Andrej made a halfling who appears to be playing a version of D&D that is ON FIRE:

Paul’s DM Notebook

Since we hit 10k, Paul’s Notebook will contain the following sections:
Running a Picaresque Game
Wilderness Adventures
D&D In Fairyland
Notebook Of the Planes
How to Run a Barony

If we hit the epic sum of $15k I’ll add
Epic Adventures

which will contain stuff suitable for gonzo high-level play, including my climactic 4e 30th-level one-shot where the PCs lead armies against Tiamat on the moon.

Poster art previews!

This week I’ll also start posting more of the art of the Random Dungeon poster on Blog of Holding, including some of the drawings I did for people who are getting killed by a trap (or NOT killed by a trap).

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