the little sisters of the sun

The Little Sisters of the Sun had caught one group on their mountain and sacrificed the lot, singing the Hymn of Life. Wild bands had eaten another group…
-Leigh Brackett, The Hounds of Skaith

Leigh Brackett can put a lot of horror into a few sentences. The Little Sisters of the Sun, mentioned here in passing, seem sinister enough to deserve their own D&D adventure.

Between the Little Sisters and the wild bands of cannibals, the environment from this passage seems even more dangerous than the average D&D countryside. The wild cannibals puts me in mind of an Oregon Trail journey gone wrong: perhaps my D&D continent has a frontier beyond which there are no patrolled countries or city walls. It’s a higher-level zone, perhaps recently re-discovered like Eberron’s Xen’drik, and its natives are twisted by post-apocalyptic magic. I assume that the Little Sisters of the Sun were, long ago, neutral good, and the tribes of cannibals are the remnants of civilized feudal peoples.


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  1. You’re right, that’s a lot of horror for one sentence. It hits a lot of my creep buttons. After seeing countless oozes, shambling corpses and tentacled aberrations I think it would really freak my players out to meet some murderous, children of the damned worthy little kids who try and sacrifice the party to their sun god while sporting beaming, innocent smiles.

  2. Wooh! Victor Von Dave is right. I can’t imagine myself being in this sinister and I can’t even live with those cannibals it feels like creeping my whole being. Oh no!. [ majestic-paintings dot com ]

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