mearls redesign

I made some cosmetic changes to the Mearls game:

  • I switched a new optimized-for-iphone design. Thanks to Laura for the design!
  • I moved it to a permanent place on the sidebar.
  • I switched it to newest-on-top rather than oldest-on-top, with a little arrow to let you switch your default.
  • I changed it so you can’t see the number of votes cast before you vote (but after you vote, you can still change your vote to join the winning side if you want).

    I have a feeling there will be some bugs in this version, so put them in the comments to let me know.

    Play it!

  • 5 Responses to “mearls redesign”

    1. This would be a killer ap for iPads and such. Between this and Dungeon Robber, you could have quite a nice little business writing games and gaming software.

    2. Rhenium says:

      I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Mearles sidebar.

      Are you able to prevent multiple voting in the Mearls?

    3. paul says:

      Sort of – if you come from the same browser and vote again, it changes your vote instead of casting a second vote. There are plenty of ways to get around it if you want to hack it, though: it’s a play-it-by-trust system. So far, playing it by trust has been working great.

    4. Rhenium says:

      Ooohhh… that’s good to know, especially if a better suggestion comes up.

    5. Love the sidebar. It’s nice and spartan, which among other things means it looks like work to the casual observer. Just field-tested that particular feature. Thanks, Paul!

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