Spears of Dawn RPG

I think ancient and medieval Africa is a great D&D inspiration: I’ve written about it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. So I’m pretty excited to see that Kevin Crawford, who did Stars Without Number, is kickstarting an Africa D&D-type game. Check it out.

I’ve heard that Stars Without Number is pretty solid, but I’m even more excited about an African setting. And even better: while most Kickstarter projects (like mine, for instance) take a while between donation and fulfillment, Kevin says that this one is already written. “You will have the beta game PDF in hand as soon as I get the backer information from Kickstarter.”

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  1. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

    This sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, lookiee, I LOVES me some European Medieval-centric OD&D, but I ALSO love the idea of “It’s a big damn world!” This looks like it will save me a BUCKETLOAD of research!

    As soon as She Who Must Be Obeyed gets back I’m going to check if our budget can stretch a bit!

    This would go GREAT in my “Ultimate D&D World” where I want to incorporate large hunks from “Travels of Sir John Mandeville.”

  2. John Till says:

    @Paul: Thanks for running a post on this important new game! I also appreciate that you embedded links to your other Africa-related posts.

    @Mike: I have heard from Jeff Berry that you had many adventures in Africa in your past – and that every hex you entered was swamp!

    I am really digging this game too. I have been creating setting extensions for it over at The Everwayan blog. Just look for Spears of the Dawn in the tags list.

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