run your own mearls!

I’ve been working on admin tools for my mearls software (the play-by-poll D&D game that we’ve been playing on this site for more than a month now). Now you can start your own mearls: you can either play a private, invitation-only game, or you can run one like mine, where anyone can join in.

Start your own mearls!

This is pretty beta at this point. I’d like you to send bug reports, suggestions, requests for clarity, etc to paul at blog of holding dot com.

If you’d like to embed your mearls in your website, you can use code like
<iframe src=xxxxx width=250 height=450></iframe> (where xxxxx is the URL of your mearls game).

I’d like to ask another favor: if you start a game, email me a link to the game! I’ve been DMing for a while and would like to play in a couple of games too.

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  1. Is there a list somewhere of all the people who have put up their own mearls?

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