just try to do business with the elves

If you don’t have any D&D-themed winter-holiday cards yet, time is running out! Get Laura’s card set, which includes these elven-holiday-celebrating elves.

On the subject of elven holidays, here’s a chart you can roll on when you need to get the elves to trade with you, or join your fellowship, or honor their promise to send you troops.

Roll d4:
1-2: The elves are celebrating an important elven holiday today. Come back tomorrow.
3: The elves are preparing for an important elven holiday tomorrow. Come back the day after tomorrow.
4: The elves are so ready for business right now. What’s this about? Let’s do this!

2 Responses to “just try to do business with the elves”

  1. Mystic Scholar says:

    Yes, the elves’ terrible lack of a sense of urgency can be a problem.

    Love it! No reason to make life TOO easy for your players!


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