sherlock holmes is a vampire

Last night I dreamed that I was making a movie pitch: Sherlock Holmes as a vampire. I brainstormed evidence to support this thesis. Here’s what I came up with in the dream:

  • Travels around a lot at night, or in fogs
  • Deerstalker hat for maximum shade during the day
  • Has a 19 Strength (can bend iron bars)
  • Looks like a vampire
  • Amoral
  • Always looking for bloodstains
  • Scotland Yard inspectors don’t trust him

    Pretty decent bulleted list for a dream. I’m sure pop culture has already generated this idea somewhere. I should add something that didn’t occur to me till I woke up: vampires (at least in 1e) have Exceptional Intelligence.

    I should add that Sherlock Holmes canon does include a vampire story; a fall off Reichenbach Falls can’t kill him; and he’s still around in modern London, looking younger than ever.

    using this in a game

    Sherlock Holmes is sometimes presented as an ally of, rather than a member of, society. A vampire that aligned himself this way would be admirably suited to be a detective. Charm powers, plus the various disguise powers like fog and bat form, plus wolf form so he can be his own Toby the bloodhound, plus exceptional intelligence, equal a pretty implacable pursuer of evildoers. Naturally, there’s a Moriarty vampire somewhere in the city.

    Maybe the PCs, not NPCs, are the detectives in your game. You might be interested in a Javert-vampire instead: an implacable chief of police that keeps the PCs and other lawbreakers in line. The city might have passed a law that allows him to feed on condemned criminals. There’s motivation to secure convictions!

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    1. Doug says:

      I immediately thought of the old TV series Forever Knight.
      But Sherlock Holmes as a vampire would have been much cooler.

    2. Roger says:

      Not quite Sherlock Holmes, Vampire, but you might enjoy the comic miniseries The New Deadwardians.

    3. John says:

      No, Moriaty is a vampire hunter!

    4. paul says:

      Oh of course!

    5. aher says:

      Along similar lines, there was the DC comic “Batman: Nosferatu” in which “The Detective” (Batman/Bruce Wayne) is the vampire Nosferatu:

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