interactive version of Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map

Now you can use the Random Dungeon Generator poster to construct dungeons online!

Click here!

This is a reward from the Random Dungeon kickstarter which I’m making available to everybody.

My ambition is to add a “Dungeon Robber” game mode so that this interactive version of the poster can be used as a fiendishly difficult roguelike. For now, though, players can use this as a First Edition DMG-compatible rooms/passages/monsters/traps generator for solitaire D&D and DMs can use this for designing dungeons.

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  1. […] do think there is a place for the sensible, well-curated dungeon, as opposed to a constant diet of funhouse-dungeon pie. To perhaps overthink it: all underground chambers start as sensible environments, but if left […]

  2. Fire says:

    I just tried it out, spent about an hour on it and it didn’t end, so I gave up. My suggestion would be to use some of the white space to show a preview of the dungeon it is creating. Mine had at least 4 floors and I abandoned the concept because it was taking far too long for one dungeon, unless that dungeon was supposed to be the entire game and that is not my intention. It would be nice to see a preview because I guarantee the randomly generated map would have had a TON of inconsistencies, but as there was no preview and I had no way to draw it as I went I cannot say for absolutely certain.

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