D&D analysis of some crazy ad in the subway

There were about 1000 copies of this promotional flyer in my subway car:


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This guy’s clearly a snake oil salesman trying to prey on those in need. And he wastes a lot of paper. But I’ll say this for him.

He’s a level 11 cleric.

Here’s the spell breakdown:


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5 Responses to “D&D analysis of some crazy ad in the subway”

  1. Zack Wolf says:

    Nailed it. That was entertaining. Thanks!

  2. 1d30 says:

    More clerics need business cards. Wizards too!

  3. Steve says:

    Heal by prayer sounds like channel energy too.

  4. Rhenium says:

    I’m thinking rouge all the way… you have to keep methods new in the 21st century. Do you think anyone puts skill levels into “pick pocketing” anymore?

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