gen con surprises

character sheet

Starter set and counters

From newbiedm’s twitter pics: a picture of the Essentials monsters counters. But what can we read on that sheet behind the counters? What are those words in red on the top of the sheet? It looks like “Hobo” peeking through one hole, and “Moon” through another. Click to enlarge the picture if you can’t see it.

I speculate that D&D is changing its name to “Hobos & Moonshine.” D&D will now be about booze runners during the American prohibition.

As a reminder, my previous guess, that Rogue would change its name to Thief, was correct. In line with this new direction for the game, I predict that Fighter will change its name to Flatfoot, Cleric to Fed, and Wizard to Flapper.

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  1. newbiedm says:

    Man, those pictures came out really blurry. Damn Blackberry camera & bad lighting.

  2. paul paul says:

    It’s a good thing I have eagle eyes!

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