name day: Bright

Who, or what, is named Bright?

My first thought is that it’s an ironic name for something dark. Maybe there’s an assassins’ guild where every assassin’s on-the-job pseudonym is Bright, the way clients are all named Johnson in Shadowrun.

Hmm… that’s OK, but maybe it feels a little too much like an acronym, like THRUSH from Man from Uncle or KAOS from Get Smart.

Any other ideas?

(By the way, my group recently played a game of Shadowrun where my character was a Russian celebrity. The GM decided that my client was named Ivanovich. If that’s an old gag, it’s new to me.)

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  1. Argh. I’m not sure which is worse: the fact that, thanks to Noumenon’s comment, I’ve been exposed to a higher-than-recommended single-viewing dosage of Rainbow Brite images, or that I now have this stuck on infinite playback in my brain:

    “There was a young lady named Bright
    Who traveled much faster than light.
    She departed one day
    An Einsteinian way
    And returned the previous night.”


  2. ppinkosh says:

    Ivanovich means “son of Ivan.” Ivan is the Russian form of “John.” Your character was another Mr. Johnson.

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