More than a year ago, I asked a question: “Who, or what, is named Bright?” I had an idea that that was a cool name for… something, but I didn’t know what.

I’ve finally figured out the answer.

Bright is the nickname of a mysterious man who lives in town. His face glows with beautiful radiance, so that looking at him is like looking at the sun. Bright is totally blind. He lives on the charity of those who believe he was touched by an angel.

It’s whispered that Bright used to be a scoundrel, possibly even a bandit, before he was – cursed? blessed? He won’t talk about his past, although he occasionally tells fortunes for those who will pay him.

Here’s the quote from the 1e PHB that explains what’s up with Bright:

Continual light: This spell is similar to a light spell, except that it lasts until negated (by a continual darkness or dispel magic spell) and its brightness is very great, being nearly as illuminating as full daylight. It can be cast into air, onto an object, or at a creature… Note that this spell will blind a creature if it is successfully cast upon the visual organs, for example.

Bright was clearly part of a bandit gang: just another random encounter in a dungeon. He tried to rob some fifth-level wizard who was almost out of spells: Continual Light was the only offensive spell left in the wizard’s repertoire. I wonder if the wizard made it out of the dungeon alive.

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  1. Philo Pharynx says:

    Reminds me of a character I had who was called Brill. It was short for “Brilliant”. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now the question is what happens when the original castor comes to town…

  3. I do like the manner in which you have framed this difficulty plus it does provide us some fodder for thought. Yet, thank you for this outstanding point.

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