lowering shipping for od&d poster

I’ve mailed 30+ wandering monster posters so far! After having been to the post office a few times and sending a bunch of international mailer tubes, I’m finding that I’ve been charging too much for international shipping. I’m lowering all int’l shipping by $5: it’s now $5 to US and Canada and $10 to other international destinations. I’m also giving $5 paypal refunds to the Canadians and Brits who already ordered. United Kingdom, consider this my “thank you” for coming up with the Flumph.

I’m also trying two shipping methods: one padded with newspaper and one without. Let me know if you get a poster in non-mint condition, and how it was padded: I’ll send a new one.

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  1. darjr says:

    got mine! Thank you!

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