New backer rewards! New stickers! New notebook pages!

The kickstarter is coming in on $8k (4x the initial goal!), and reaching $10,000 or $15,000 is looking more plausible, so here are some new rewards to everyone who pledged for the poster!

New Solo Game: If we hit $10,000, everyone who pledged $5+ will get a new, highly lethal, D&D-compatible solo game which uses the Random Dungeon poster as a board. I’m tentatively calling it Dungeon Robber. It’s a D&D game mode where you, an impoverished zero-level normal human, enter the dungeon without any gear and try to escape with a few trinkets to sell – or retire on a pile of gold. In this game, your troubles start when you find treasure deep in the dungeon, and rules for escaping monsters are more important than combat rules. $5+ backers will get a PDF copy. For $22+ backers, signed print copies will be available as substitutes for the signed bonus poster.

Interactive version of the poster: If we hit $15k, I’ll program an online, Dragons Lair-style journey through the poster that generates a random dungeon for you. I’ll probably use the poster art along with some original animation; but my secret hope is to actually build the dungeon using Dwarven Forge tiles and film first-person video through every possible path. That will depend on Stefan of Dwarven Forge’s availability.

More Stickers: More artists are making stickers for $22+ backers! Here are a few samples, and I have more ready to be scanned for the next update.

Stalwart Dwarf, by Anna Richardson

Knitting Barbarian by Anna-Maria Jung

More Notebook

So far, Paul’s Notebook contains “Running a Picaresque Game” and “Wilderness Adventures”; we’re pretty close to one of my favorites, “D&D In Fairyland”, and the higher-level “Notebook of the Planes” and “How to Run a Barony” are coming up next.

I’m off to run Lawful Evil characters through an art museum. Wish me luck!

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