Play Dungeon Robber version 1.1! Fan art! Kings crowned!

Lots of Dungeon Robber progress was made this weekend, in terms of recordbreaking, bugtesting, and coding!

I’d like to thank everyone who submitted bugs. You guys kept me busy this weekend, and you found lots of things I might never have found on my own. There’s a new version up: if you want to see the changes, or haven’t tried it yet, or the server was down while you tried it before:


To make sure you have the latest version, look for “version 1.1” on the bottom right. (Hopefully you guys don’t crash the server this time. I looked into hosting it on the cloud, but changing its URL might have meant deleting everyone’s savegame, and I didn’t want to do that. If you can’t get in, wait an hour and try again.)

What’s new in this version? We’ll get to that below. First of all, I want to congratulate the first player to become KING: Nathaniel Doherty! Long live King Nathaniel I!

I’d also like to thank the second player to become King, Edwin Porteous-Coté, who takes away the record for the most bugs discovered. And check out his kingdom! So many buildings!

Even cooler, check out this Dungeon Robber fan art: an awesome comic series from Shane Hosea:

Will Simon ever find riches? How about a blind cave fish? Read the rest of Simon’s adventures!

I was also happy to get a good mention by Rodney Thompson, one of the 5e designers and the guy behind Lords of Waterdeep. I’m glad the official D&D guys don’t mind me messing around in their sandbox.

OK, now on to the bugfixes I promised!

Here’s what’s fixed in version 1.1 of Dungeon Robber:

* Fixed a number of problems with Armor Class, attack and damage bonuses stacking with multiple items. I know, usually that doesn’t get fixed in a game until 3rd edition, but I’m ahead of the game.
* Prices are now listed for henchman-hiring measures at the inn. Who knew placards were so expensive!
* Removed the duplicate listing for room exits.
* Fixed a bunch of errors causing “undefined” items in the inventory.
* Killing monsters with items like the Wand of Magic Missiles gives you XP.
* Put in a tooltip in character creation telling you the requirements for a character class.
* Fixed various spelling errors and incorrect text.
* Elevators and other traps descend the proper number of floors, and make you lost.
* When you enter a shop, your money is changed to gold.
* If you have exactly 10 GP, you can rest.
* You can now heal henchmen with spells and food even when you’re healthy.
* You can turn left by hitting either L or T, so that you can do the most common dungeon exploration tasks with your left hand.
* You can buy items in a store over #9.
* Fixed scroll of animate dead and potion of quickness, which weren’t getting used up.
* Fixed Sanctuary spell, which wasn’t ending.
* Fixed a problem where high-level henchman portraits weren’t disappearing.
* Fixed an issue where the boring beetle didn’t get highlighted in combat (it’s easy to overlook the boring beetle)
* Fixed issues where nonviolent outcomes in the Coliseum would cause problems (just like in ancient Rome)

* Some situation I haven’t identified can cause a henchman’s name to be “undefined”.
* There have been reports of monsters not getting their turn occasionally.
* A few savegames have disappeared. This is my highest priority bug.

This was meant to be a strictly bugfix build, but I did add a few little things: new treasures like a Jacinth of Estimable Beauty and a ewer (can you believe I almost missed an opportunity to include ewers in a game?) I also added Iron Rations, which are a convenient way to buy food in 10-packs.

I have lots more stuff I’d like to add to this game, but since we’re just around the baby’s due date, there’s no timeline for new features! Bugfixes come first!

OK, that’s it! If you fire up Dungeon Robber today, let me know what new bugs I’ve introduced and which bugfixes didn’t take! And thanks again for playing, reporting bugs, reading my blog, and kickstarting my project!

And here’s the link again:


38 Responses to “Play Dungeon Robber version 1.1! Fan art! Kings crowned!”

  1. Mike Monaco says:

    This is so cool. Only had time to play for a couple hours so far but it is awesome.

    Is the save game feature somehow tied to our IP addresses? I somehow lost a saved PC and might have hijacked a PC named “Tallis” that someone else was running? (Unless that was a random name I didn’t realize I’d used!)

  2. My very first character parleyed with a kobold and I thought he ended up serving as a henchmen. But I’ve killed dozens of characters since then without ever seeing another monster become a henchman. Is my memory just wrong, or is this just a really low-probability event?

  3. Dwight Grosso says:

    Well it took me three tries, but now I have a level one character Huzzah! Not only that but I got down to level 7 before I could get out! Thanks be to the randomizers for a suit of plate mail!

  4. Was wandering out of the dungeon with almost 10,000 in gold and got killed fishing on level 1 by a freaking sea monster. That’s a bona fide ODD heartbreaker right there, man.

  5. Grandpa Chet, the MormonYoYoMan says: might make a better link than the current ones in your e-mail post. I assume that WordPress, in its wisdom, stripped everything down to its current “http://dungeonrobber/” 404.

    Curious how everyone managed to save a character. I thought I had it (go home, then return to the entrance but don’t enter) because it SAID it had saved my character, Dr Pepper. But today, he is nowhere to be found, the little coward.

    This is even more fun than the poster, and just as much fun – but in a different way – than the original(s) in AD&D 1ed DMG and Strategy Review. Or was it Dragon #1?

    *jeep! & God Bless!

  6. Shane Hosea says:

    More a question than a bug report, so some of the descriptive texts implies that I have a torch, but obviously there’s none in my inventory. Will torches get added eventually, or is it just assumed that my bludgeon is on fire?

  7. paul paul says:

    @Mike: That’s probably a random name you didn’t realize you used. It’s als possible that your character got deleted. I’m working on a fix that will make a backup of the unreliable flash saved data in potentially unreliable HTML5 saved data!!

    @William! That is a very sad story. At least it is recorded in the graveyard for the edification and horror of the villagers. Also, convincing a kobold to be your henchman is fairly rare – I think it’s a 12 on 2d6. it’s helped by having high Charisma, and helped even more by offering a bribe.

    @Grandpa: Curses! That broken link is undoubtedly my fault.

    @Shane: Because you can change your bludgeon out for other weapons, and still see, I think it’s probably best to assume that your hair is on fire.

  8. Shane Hosea says:

    This game just gets better and better!

  9. Grandpa Chet, the MormonYoYoMan says:

    Hair on fire? So that explains why I began losing my hair starting around 1978!

  10. BlackGyver says:

    Me featured in a blog of holding post? Best day ever.

    Now off to getting repeatedly slaughtered to try and be crowned king on Advanced mode.

  11. PaintByBlood says:

    I’m not certain if this is quite the place you want bug reports, but I didn’t notice any other. I wanted to bring to your attention, however, what seems to be an issue: I played a fighter with Str and Wis as high stats, and when I came across a scroll of cure light wounds I could not use it. Now, I’m playing a thief with Dex and Int as high stats, and I’ve come across another cure light wounds scroll and can use it.
    Unless I’ve missed something, that doesn’t fit with the expectations for high Wis and high Int. It isn’t clear, though, if there is something in particular causing this past the details I’ve given.

  12. Matt says:

    Great fixes! The iron rations are a definite improvement.

    I’m playing a wizard now, and noticed that I get no XP for killing monsters with the spell magic missile (I have a scroll for it). My second level wizard got lost and wound up on level 8 (eep!), but killed a carrion crawler.

  13. Matt says:

    A few more observations – I really like playing the Wizard class (level 6 now). It’s great to charm a monster, then send them back to town to sell stuff for you :)

    I found a +1 fishing pole (coolest thing!), but then had to decide to keep it or 3 healing potions. I opted for the potions (sorry). Four scrolls plus a wand and dagger/bracers and one or two other things and there is no room to pick things up. I hated dropping plate mail, but coins will make up the profits, I hope.

    Once I ran into a spiked pit with a henchman, and the henchman didn’t need to make a save.

    It seems as well that monsters have more hit points on average at the lower levels now.

    It would save time to be able to see how many spells are left before I try to cast them.

  14. Got a gem worth 2500 gold. Used part of it to level up one time and went back into the dungeon. Found treasure, it was loose. As soon as I picked it up, I got the message that says I can only keep 100 coins and so 1800 gold just dropped. That was a sad day.

  15. Paul says:

    @Paint and @Matt: I’ll check out those bugs! I hope I didn’t reverse wis and int for scrolls. That would be very silly.

  16. PaintByBlood says:

    @Paul: It may have been a misunderstanding on my part, or a different bug altogether. I believe it was the case that a few scrolls would simply not show up as being usable in any situation for me, like Animate Dead, but others still would. The ones that would have so far worked properly, it seems.
    So maybe I just misunderstood when they should show and exactly how you go about preventing their use.

  17. Terren says:

    The game does not appear to recognize capital letters.

  18. Rachael says:

    Also noted that per AD&D DMG magic armor is weightless/weighs as much as normal clothes. So should magic plate be heavy? Also please add dungeon entrances at level 4 and 8. Please add backpacks for more storage space. And please add bags of holding for much much more space…. perhaps ‘equipped’ items should not take up storage space.. :)

  19. Forrest says:

    Enjoying the heck out of this, great stuff. Just got an advanced character retired as a knight, can’t wait to be a fighter soon. Loving the old-school vibe, keep it up!

  20. Kyle says:

    Rutger Hauer a 5th level fighter found himself on 4HP making his way up from the 8th level of the dungeon, and encountered a medusa. He attempted to parley, somehow I rolled a 14 – and she became his henchman.

    She departed when he left the dungeon, which disappointed me, I was imagining him introducing her around town. I guess he was just too much a MAN for her.

  21. PaintByBlood says:

    Ran across another thing that I’d either call a bug, or an overlooked oddity of some manner. Early in a run I purchased a +1 mace in town and used it for a long time through the game. At some point, I found a +1 mace, so I went and sold it in the market since I already had one. But, instead of selling the new one, it sold the old one, which I know because it turned out that the new one was cursed.

  22. Axiom says:

    This game is mad addicting!


    I wish there was some way to wipe the game and start a new.

    There is a start new game button, but it keeps all my current towns people and folks in the graveyard. There needs to be a way to wipe the entire slate clean.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Rhenium says:

    An amazing addictive little game, I completely lost all of yesterday to it, and that hasn’t happened since Civilization 2 back in the 90’s. :)
    I am so proud of having backed this on Kickstarter.

  24. Rhenium says:

    Oh and if anyone figures out how to use the Animate Dead scroll as a cleric, please post in the comments!

  25. Paul says:

    @Racheal: I do plan to add a little more storage space.
    @Axiom: I might add that – I need one for testing my “don’t lose your savegames” fix.
    @Kyle: I approve of any fighter named Rutger Hauer.
    @Rhenium: I’m at work so I can’t test this, but try casting Animate Dead in the graveyard.

  26. jim says:

    Thanks for building this–had a blast trying it out. that map would make a wonderful poster & T-shirt!

  27. Paul says:

    Well, if you think it would make a wonderful poster, you’re in luck!
    Buy it!

  28. Rhenium says:

    So no kidding there I was on level 14 (yes fourteen) of the dungeon, parleying with dragons succubi and cloud giants with the best of them. My two hirelings Undefined #1 and Undefined #2 finally stumble into a dragons lair (how very traditional). I cast Sanctuary to protect my two AC10 hirelings so I can heal myself and Undefined #1 swings a natural 20 and kills the dragon and we find boots of eleven kind and more electrum pieces than we knew existed. We make it back up to level 5, getting lost multiple times on level 3 and then finally back to town, dropping 14000 gp off at the bank of Tiamat and with both hirelings intact… truly one of the most epic battles yet!
    Countess M retires to open a local wizard’s college.

  29. John S. says:

    I’m not able to save or load the save game. I keep getting Error 404. Is this common? Otherwise, I love this game. Cheers.

  30. Enzo says:

    This is great! I’ve been playing for an hour now (made it to level 3 and retired as a merchant!). Thanks for sharing!

  31. Villaret says:

    Were those kings on basic or advanced? I’ve got a lvl 7 Dungeon Robber in the Advanced game with a fishing pole +2, dagger +1, gauntlets of ogre power, ring of invisibility, ring of protection and plate mail armor. (thanks to some very lucky rolls early on that give me the 2 rings) Problem is that she is only my 3rd character who went anywhere, so I’ve only got a yeoman and a tavernkeeper in town. I’d hate to retire such a high lvl character with so much promise, and yet I’d hate to lose her in some freak rolls.

  32. Villaret says:

    And she was just killed by a lvl 1 Fire Beetle on some freak rolls….

  33. Grandpa Chet says:

    Am I the only one who has incorrect links in the e-mails? If so, please let me know, folks, so I can bug Google and/or Firefox about this weirdness.

  34. paul says:

    Oh no Villaret!

    Grandpa, in case you don’t have it, the link is

  35. Rojo says:

    I’m a level three dungeon robber and I can’t equip the leather armor or the shield or the chain mail or the bastard sword I found. Do I have to wait on a higher level for those? Also, it’s not at all clear how I can switch classes.

  36. Bobby says:

    I notice the ewer doesn’t show up as vendor trash. Is there some circumstance where it can be used?

  37. Thanks, spambot. That’s super relevant and helpful.

  38. Matt says:

    I didn’t see a bug report link and it’s been a while, but if you’re still fixing stuff on this, when able to (c)ast a line or (c)ure light wounds as a cleric, the 2nd ‘c’ is unreachable. Other than that, It’s all been quite smooth and quite awesome.

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