some underdark geomorphs

underdarkMy game has found its way into the Underdark. To prepare for the PCs’ big battle against the drow – and to create quick locations for future random encounters – I made 12 Underdark geomorphs. Download ’em!

My geomorph map pieces are slightly non-standard: they’re rectangular, 8×10 inches. Square geomorphs allow for more facings for each piece, but the Underdark is different from a regular dungeon in that it has a grain. Tunnels don’t spiral off randomly in every direction: they tend to be long straight paths with the occasional branch or turn. My Underdark geomorphs have very few dead ends along their long axis, and relatively few side tunnels along the short axis.

By the way, the Post-it in the picture is a spider-drawn war chariot.

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  1. I’m glad we killed those drow and took their magic dagger. They were jerks.

  2. Keith BoyArdy says:

    I’m curious, what is that yellow posted note representing?

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